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A family entirely devoted to its passion and expertise for 5 generations


The tradition of a family completely devoted to its passion and expertise. At Junod’s you will find what you’ve always been looking for: the time to live, the time to choose, the time to listen, the time to share. Did you know we’ve been specializing in time for 5 generations?


We love change, novelty, and the world which progresses and develops. We love it because it brings us to life and gives us a desire to go further, toward the beauty residing in all of us. This is the spirit which drives us to anticipate your desires and select the very best for you, finding the watch, the piece of jewellery or the accessory which will transform you into the woman or man of tomorrow.


We’ve been a part of the Lausanne landscape since 1867; for now almost 150 years you’ve been strolling past our store at the Place Saint-François in Lausanne. Your parents were the customers of our parents and your great-grandparents the customers of Ami JUNOD, the founder of our house. Our store is a treasure trove of memories, joys and shared moments, of gifts given and received. By consulting our archives, our books and our photo albums, you will see that you too belong to our history and that it is also partly your history.

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